Ally Whalley, 29

Gorgeous, and full of bounce and brains, this Medical Sales Executive is on the road constantly, or in operating theatres, so planning for food and exercise is absolutely key.  Ali is renowned for giving 150% to everything she does, so we were keen to see how a multifaceted approach to fat loss would work for her.

Ally's Launch Day Stats

Age        29
Height     5'5"
Weight    64.3kg
Thigh      56.5cm
Bum       95cm
Waist      79.5cm
Bust       96cm
Fat%       29.6%

Ally's goals

1. To reduce my thigh measurement by 2.5 cm
2. To reduce my waist measurement by 2.5cm
3. To reduce my fat reading to 27% 

Ally's opening comments

There are a number of reasons why I'm so happy to be starting this challenge!! I'm overwhelmingly excited - and that tells me I'm ready to make some changes. This isn't a chore and I'm not doing this because I'm worried that I'm going on holiday and need to crash diet to feel good in a bikini, I'm just excited to see what the best version of me looks like! 

My body-image or body confidence hasn't always been the best. I'm a 5ft 5" girl with natural curves. I have big boobs and a bum which developed pretty much over-night at 16! When I was growing up I was so envious of the skinny girls that didn't even have to try to diet or exercise and they slipped into all the latest trends. Girly holiday's were always fun but I remember feeling so self-conscious of my boobs and the fact that I wasn't "skinny". These days (and I believe this is something that comes with age...), I'm much more accepting of who I am and what I have been blessed with. No, I am never going to look like a Victoria's Secret model but I can make the most of what I've got. My body idols are more like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, curvy but toned.

If we're going to get down to the specifics I'd really like to achieve the following over the next five weeks. Some Ab definition!! And toning up my thighs and bum are a priority too. This isn't about weight-loss in terms of lbs or kgs to me. It's about stripping off that layer of fat (eek!) that's hiding the muscle underneath! I want to look and feel, healthy and strong. Having said that, I'm not an extremist - I don't believe in forbidding anything, there's only so long this girl can go without a Padana Pizza from Pizza Express, and I'm scary about cupcakes.... (whole other story). So there has to be a balance, I believe this can be done and and am looking forward to hearing the advice from the Bikini Challenge Team of Experts. After all "you don't know, what you don't know".

I could go on forever about my body, what I do and don't like (like most women out there) but I think I'll just get on with it instead! I hope you decide to carry on reading and following my journey, it's going to be fun (and perhaps a little trying at times)!!

Pete the Physio's assessment

Ali has done a lot of sport in the past and is still quite disciplined in squeezing moderate intensity sessions into her week, as well as doing 10k's every so often.
Her body is strong but still needs some more focused buttock and shoulder girdle stability work to allow her to step it up to a new level with Alex the Personal Trainer.

drives a lot with work, so her legs, back, and buttocks are tight and need to be loosened off if the high intensity exercise sessions are to be successful. Ally wants to drop a bit of body fat and to achieve this her nutrition needs to be worked on.

Through stress and diet her cortisol levels are likely to be high which leads to fat deposits around the midriff area and exercise alone won't shift that. In order to metabolise fat the body must be well hydrated so sipping water on the move is a must!

Ali is very curvy she needs a bit more work on her posture which will have a carryover into her running and other training. We need to get more thoracic movement in her thoracic spine, release off her hip flexors and pec muscles to allow her to get a neutral posture that her new improved buttocks will then maintain.

All in all Ali, you're doing well, a bit of loosening up with deep tissue massage and specific stretches from the Physio, some focused core work and you'll be able a work your body hard with Alex the Personal Trainer and get more strength, tone, and shape that will be maintained with your new training programme and nutrition.

Ali's new strong and super-toned physique!