Christina Ford, 32

This gorgeous curvaceous babe, and Baby Spice look-a-like is getting married soon, and she's powering her way back to her ideal weight.

With a previous career in personal training, Chrissy knows how important a balanced diet and exercise programme is, so she's excited to be getting back on track.

We're giving Chrissy my wheat and dairy free plan to follow, which has a personalised version of my secret museli, some very tasty Thai and Indian recipes, and lots of metabolically friendly foods which will also keep her blood sugar levels balanced to help her shift any excess fat tissue weight.  Chrissy has a great relationship with food and loves to try new things, and her eyes have lit up with the sight of all the options!

Chrissy's opening comments:
In a week and a half I’m getting married and today I have signed up to the Bikini Dream Team Challenge.  Why?  Good Question.  Well, it’s simple.  My main goal is to make a lifestyle change.  Everyone is busy and those who know me well, know that my life is crazy!!  There is never going to be ‘the right time’.  This is probably the craziest time of my life so when best to put myself to the challenge!

I’m hoping that this challenge will give me the kick start that I need to get my body towards where I want to be.

My body. I have big boobs and curvy hips.  I feel self conscious in a bikini.  At the beginning of July we will be going on our honeymoon.  I would love to wear my bikini and feel great! And this time next year, I want to look even better!

How will I do?  Keep an eye out and find out!

Chrissy's Launch Day Stats:

Height    5'2"
Weight   59.8kgs
Thigh     58cm
Bum      99cm
Waist     78cm
Bust      97cm
Fat%     (upper limit 30%, lower limit 21%)

Previously shy in front of the camera, she relaxes to enjoy her first professional photo shoot - we love it!