Amy Willerton

We love this down-to-earth brunette beauty.  Her maturity, poise, values and clear integrity are rare for someone of her age, and it's astonishing what she's managed to achieve so early in her life.  By the age of 17 she had pulled off her own widely acclaimed fashion show, won several pageants, and more recently she has claimed the Miss London title and sailed through to winning the TV show challenge "Signed by Katie Price".  

Amy is a target for unannounced paparazzi shots so she has to look her best at all times.  Her body composition results are impressive, and at the same time there are some important changes she has to make to diet and exercise regime to keep her supple, toned and strong.

Amy's Launch Day Stats

Height     5'9"
Weight    61.6
D.O.B.    18/08/92
Age        19

Thigh      55cm
Bum       95cm
Waist      71cm
Bust       93cm

Fat%      20.1% 
(upper limit 30%, lower limit 19%)

What Amy has to say

I've always been a curvy girl and fairly happy with my figure but entering the harsh world of media and modelling has meant I have faced a lot of criticism and rejection over my body.

Over time this has lowered my self esteem massively and it doesn't help working with tiny size zeros all day! I realised early on that my body isn't meant to be really skinny, I'm built curvaceous and to try to change that would be in fact be unhealthy for me - which is why my current aims with the bikini dream team are more about toning, posture and educating myself as much as possible about how I keep my health and fitness at an optimum peak. 

A few years ago I went from a size 8 to a size 12 very quickly when I learnt to drive - my body just wasn't getting the right exercise anymore and it was Fiona that helped me with my nutrition then to help me shift the weight. I'm really looking forward to working with the bikini dream team as with combined knowledge, some determination and of course some of Fiona's secret muesli there is no excuse to have a body I'm not 100% happy with!

What Pete the Physio says about Amy

Amy has a vested interest in keeping her body bikini fit as she is a model. She says that rather then a murderous workout routine at present she is relying on her 'good genes thanks to the parents!'.

Initially Amy appears well toned and slim but on further assessment a bit of work is required...

To start with in standing Amy is not engaging her core so her buttocks are not working very much, this leads her to sway back from her mid back and then protract (round) the shoulders forward. For Amy to have great posture will be very important for her career and a bit of stretching and massaging out the tight hip flexors, pecs, and thoracic spine will enable her buttocks to hold her nicely.

The next phase after that is to loosen and strengthen Amy's buttocks for training as at present she would struggle to control some of Alex the PT's really intense training - but in order to get that really toned curvy physique she wants it will be needed.

In conclusion, Amy is doing a moderate amount of training at present but the quality of the training is lacking, and some foundational work with the Physio is needed before she will be able to get super buff!

Amy wins the Miss England Bikini Competition, hands down!