Helen Watson, 40

This bubbly, attractive and hugely accomplished Events Manager expressed a keen interest in the joining the Dream Team Bikini Challenge because she wanted to create some valuable "me" time.

Well she's come to the right place!  We are delighted to have her on board and we're excited to support her in making better food and exercise choices that are going to make the best of her gorgeous and bikini-worthy body.

Helen's body composition results and physio assessment indicate that swapping some fat tissue for muscle tissue (particularly in her core muscles) is something that Helen's body will love.  Helen has already decided to cut processed sugar, wheat and dairy out of her diet and we think that the high protein / high fibre museli is going to have a profound effect -- provided that she can also stay committed to the daily exercise regime we have designed for her.  Good luck Helen -- we're rooting for you!

Helen's launch day stats

Height    5'8"
Weight   68.2kg

Thigh     59.5cm
Bum      110cm
Waist     90cm
Bust      91cm

Fat%     35.5% (lower limit 22%, upper limit 33%)

Helen's opening comments 

When Fiona asked for some volunteers for her bikini dream challenge, I leapt at the opportunity! A demanding job leaves me tired and often needing frequent periods of rest. My exercise routine depends on my energy levels, and the time of year! In Winter, I instinctively rest more. My primary form of exercise is Yoga, and hiking/country walks. I love being outdoors. I've recently discovered Hatha Hot Yoga which I find challenging but invigorating.

I am conscious that my job affects my body and energy levels. It has changed shape over the past few years, due to lifestyle and I discovered a wheat intolerance. I take care of myself by eating good, organic, wholesome foods, pamper sessions and quiet reading time.  I'm looking forward to this challenge. I'm a bit out of my comfort zone, as I don't regard myself as a gym person.
For me, my outcome would be to have more body confidence and a feeling of ease and strength in my body. Maaan, I wanna look hot! And feel great!

Please stay tuned to see how I progress :-)) 

Pete the Physio's initial assessment of Helen

Helen leads a very demanding, busy and high stress life working in events. Just recently she rejoined a gym as exercise had been squeezed out of her routine. Her nutrition is sketchy due to her work and not preparing food for lunch in advance. Helen's body is tall and quite athletic -- but due to lack of consistency and a clear plan around her training, her body composition is not as good as it could be.  So she has lost muscle but gained a little body fat. 

Helen has also weakened in her core strength and has tight muscles so we need to be careful not to ramp the intensity of her exercise too quickly. We need focus on loosening her muscles with deep tissue massage, stretching, and building up her core strength. Once Helen’s core and flexibility have improved, Alex the Personal Trainer can start pushing them hard to help Helen achieve a well toned, strong and shapely body.  So it's back to basics with Helen and she needs a fair bit of hands-on therapy to release all that tension and get her 'core muscles' (buttocks and lower abdominals) working again. In the end she will have a tall, slender athletic body with a few girly curves thrown in. 

Helen's lovely new toned body (that now lets her slip effortlessly into her favourite satin dress):