Sam Boardman, 25

We were amazed that Sam wanted to join the challenge - with her background in performing arts her poise and grace is nearly perfect.  

Sam however felt that beneath her lovely clothes was a body that she wasn't confident with anymore. Her physio assessment  also showed there were some areas she needed to work on.  She came second in a bikini competition two years ago and had a strong body to die for, and she wants it back!

Sam's Launch Day Stats

Height     5'4"
Weight    55.3kg
Thigh      53cm
Bum       95cm
Waist      71cm
Bust       85cm
Fat%      26%

Sam's opening comments:

I have always tried to be healthy and do some form of exercise but being a full time fundraiser and a member of 2 theatre companies it is hard to find the time!

I have found that as I have hit my mid 20's, I am not able to get away with the same lifestyle as I once did, I lack motivation for the gym but need to take action.

When asked to take on this challenge, I was very excited! It is just the push I need to get back on track and hopefully regain the figure I had 2 years ago. I want to feel confident in my bikini and not worry about how I look from behind with a wobbly bum! I am lucky that my upper body generally stays the same (except my upper arms need some toning) but my problem areas are my thighs, bum and hips/tummy. I am very excited to be part of this and look forward to seeing the results. :-)

Pete the Physio's initial assessment of Sam:

In the past Sam has worked quite hard to get a fit body that looks good. She is now overly busy and trying to hold it all together. 

Sam has never been pushed hard through a really good exercise programme and is still suffering from a broken back after a nasty road traffic accident.  As she didn't receive physiotherapy treatment afterwards, her lower abdominal muscles  and buttocks are now very weak, and in standing they are not switching on. 

In order for Sam to get her buttocks and tummy in the shape she wants, we need to get Sam's brain engaging with them all day long.  Furthermore, Sam is a little round-shouldered so we get her into stretching, and do some deep tissue release around the top of her chest.  Her shoulders will then drop into a better posture, and her new improved buttocks will hold them there.

In conclusion, Sam needs postural work and some basic strength work to enable Alex the Personal Trainer to really push her hard without injury.  In the end Sam will have the bikini body she wants.

The body that Sam's wanted back - here again in just 5 weeks!