Friday 8 June 2012

Nobody said this was going to be easy.....

Day 7...and I'm writing feeling rather sore!

I've been happily doing the exercises, and using the Trigger (happy face) Ball to massage my sore butt.  And it's still sore today..cos Pete being the good Physio he is worked deep into my glutes to loosen them up! 

One thing I've observed the past two my appetite has increased..I have started the past two days with porridge, vanilla rice milk, grated apple and some nuts.....I get to the office and 1.5 hrs later...I'm feeling hungry again!  So, I've snacked on corn thins or oat cakes with Nut Butter/Spread - yum.  For lunch, I've enjoyed green salads (rocket, spinach and watercress), with chick peas (I love them, and could eat them by the tin!!), fish, sweetcorn and tomatoes.  Yum.   However, 3 hours later...I'm ravenous and munching on an apple and some cashews. So, all good stuff...but I am curious about the increased appetite.

Tonight, I saw Alex for my PT session.  We worked through the programme, but revised some of the exercises to suit my body needs - so for instance, he made the Burpees easier in my view - no jump ups, just arms outstretched as you stand up :-)  Then my push ups required my arms to be wider apart, and my body supported by bending the knees.  Because of my adductors overloaded - and my glutes needing strengthening..Alex altered the squats - so my feet point outwards, and my knees follow.  I had to record Alex doing the warm ups as I couldn't remember them - being the visual person I am - I appreciate pictures whether it's 'stick men' or in this case the real thing! 

However, somehow during the PT session, I strained or overworked?? the tops of my thighs and it actually became too painful to squat or even lunge.  Alex gave me a firm roll to 'massage' out the sore muscles, which initially helped. They still hurt, and I shall be massaging some Arnica Oil into them in a mo for some relief.

I also learnt about the use of carbs after a cardio workout in terms of feeding the muscles with sugar, and then boosting that nutrition with protein.  So, for instance, Alex suggested a lunchtime work out (which is possible as my workplace has a gym), and then eat.  My tendency would be to eat a baked potato with tuna at lunch - and then exercise in the evening. 

All in all, I feel like it's been a great start to the programme...and I've surprised myself by how motivated I am to do the exercises and focused.  And there's me thinking I needed help on that front!  Need massage more than motivation!

Until next time.....

Love Helen dinner was super delicious tonight...I'll see if I can manage to upload a photo of it :-))

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