Friday 22 June 2012

Ally - AWOL!

I can't believe we're 3 weeks in to this challenge and the finale is in sight, time has flown! Now I feel I need to start with a little apology....I haven't blogged for ages!! Although you'll be reassured to know that although I have been AWOL from the blog, I haven't been AWOL from the challenge! Sure, some absurdities occasionally creep in (I've had a busy work schedule and some turning 30 to do) but on the whole I am noticing very positive changes to my body, and I LOVE it!!!

Rather than detail the past 2 weeks life events (this would turn into an Essay), I thought I'd just give you the highlights and where I am at this point.

1. I'm learning to be super-organised, 3 weeks in it's almost like second nature to me now. 

I have Fiona's Secret (Fiesli) for breakfast with almond milk and berries, or on the weekend, 2 x scrambled/poached eggs with baby spinach and ryvita or smoked salmon.

I'm super proud of my lunchtime skills!! Every Sunday I make up a big bowl of salad, the base ingredients are mostly spinach, rocket, cucumber (seeds removed), red & yellow pepper, spring onions, baby tomatoes and grated carrot. Then I transfer some to a tupperware and add whatever I want - avocado, goats cheese, left overs, tuna, seeds - you get the picture. With a paper towel and lid on, may base salad will easily last until Thursday, genius! 

And on Sunday I also make up these little snack boxes and carry one with me EVERYWHERE I go, no kidding - you need nuts or seeds, come to me! Joking aside it's great to know I always have a healthy snack to hand. Each one of these boxes contains approx 75g (the ones pictured have almonds, pecans, cashews, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries). These usually last a couple of days in my bag whilst I'm out and about.

And dinner, well there's the super-fun part. I'm getting really creative with lots of different foods and loving it. Even eating out isn't a hassle. Fi and I were out with my family for my Birthday and both had Asparagus with Poached Egg to start, followed by cod with leeks, wilted spinach, broccoli and a salsa verde. Yum!!!

2. I'm seeing changes...

And I mean good ones!! Physically I'm stronger and fitter than I have been for a good 5 years, I'm acquiring some good definition all over, my skin is glowing and I'm full of energy!!

3. I can no longer drink caffeine!

Not that I was a massive caffeine fiend before but I would start the day with a coffee on-the- go and have a cup of tea or two throughout the day. After 3 weeks of green and other herbal teas I have found I have a zero caffeine tolerance and my body no longer craves an early morning 'hit'.

4. New drinks....

I'm not an angel, I still drink alcohol and have a good time! And this past week of celebration has been no exception. I generally have vodka with soda water and fresh lime, and have been experimenting with flavoured vodka's too...will let you know any good combo's! The other day Fi had Grapefruit Vodka with soda water and fresh mint, Awesome.

5. I'm learning so much.

About me, my body, food. When you really listen to what your body wants it all becomes pretty simple really. Taking some time out for you may seem like an indulgence/chore but really it's the best investment you'll ever make (that's not original, I stole it from the Pin below!! And NO I don't look like the girl in the picture....not yet anyway!).

Have a fabulous weekend everyone, promise I'll check in next week!!


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