Thursday 21 June 2012

Keep Calm & Breathe........

This week, I'm feeling so encouraged and focused!  Monday and Tuesday I went straight to the gym after work, and did the bikini workout, using the Tabata Pro App and background music to inspire.  I noticed I sson build up a sweat and get the circulation going - it's the burpees that do it!  Tuesday, I inner groin (probably due to tight adductors) felt sore...possibly also due to the more intense exercise - let's be honest, my body's not used to it!

Yesterday was my birthday..and a much needed Spa day enabled me to rest my body - and mind.

One thing worth a mention...for the first time in ages I've been pursued by a male!  One of the gym instructors 'chatted me up' during my induction...fairly casual approach, and I thought nothing of it - even when he did hand me his card and number at the end of the session.  On Monday's visit to the gym, I saw him again, and he enquired about how I was getting the end of my session, he again handed me his card and number.  I thought, oh, ok maybe he is being genuine.  I still didn't feel inspired to call him - not really sure if it's the kind of thing he does to most new single female members!

Tonight, I worked out in the badminton court area - as I prefer the privacy. I felt the need to ease off during the lunges and squats.  My inner groin felt sore, a sharp pain.  I completed the workout, stretched for another 15 minutes, opening the hips, glutes and hammies.  I also used the foam roll to trigger point my sore quads.....ooooooww and breathe......breathe........breathe....... :-)

 I saw Mr Gym Instructor again, he enquired about my birthday as he asked whether I'd be in again - and this time, he asked for MY mobile, in his words "cos you're not going to call me". ;-) 10 out of 10 for persistance!  A coffee with a man who's clearly persistent is a good idea, and I'm merrily going with the flow on that front.

Back to my body....tonight's Physio session with Pete..was SO encouraging. Just by sight, Pete immediately saw a change in my body! During the stretch, the hip flexors were more open, and I my body was much more flexible.  Yaay! My glutes engaging are working and my tummy is flatter. The glutes massage however still hurt, but considering he'd gone in 100% (in the past 50% - his words), it was not as much. I'm learning so much more about the body - the need to build strength, flexibility and core stability over time.  I have a few more stretches to work on, and with a band too to open up the shoulders. It's clever stuff this Physio.

Ultimately, this programme is about my re-educating, reconnecting with my body - for the long term- so much so I'm feeling good in myself and happier all round. 

Signing out for now!
With love
Helen x

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  1. Love this post!! Can we have a regular update on the coffee/drink with gym guy situation....soooo nosy!! Well done for doing so fabulously and Happy Birthday for the other day! xx


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