Monday 18 June 2012

Helen - Into Week 3.....

OK, so week 2 whizzed quickly I needed to rest, recharge and recoup after a busy spell.

Not that will my busiest work period is NOW!

Meanwhile, I did the bikini workout on Saturday...and enjoyed it. I did it at a practice run on my own, and using the Tabata Pro App that Alex recommended.  It kept me focused, and helped with my timing immensely - so thanks Alex for that!  With 8 cycles, 4 x times each, you soon build up a sweat and get the pulse moving faster!  Must be the end, the Burpees were painfully heavy, and I found the side plank lifts hard work.  I'm sure it will get easier!!!! right?

Saturday night I went out dancing - all very playful, fun and uplifting....after a couple of hours, I noticed my right knee hurting..and my body crying out to be stretched. So I found a quiet spot, and did some Yoga stretches to ease my body. Woke up Sunday morning with tight calfs and quads!! A hot salt water bath, Arnica oil and self massage did ease it...but I hobbled most of the day.

Anyhow, now that I did my practice run at home, I took myself to the gym this evening - eek!  I found the open gym, lots of handsome, fit men, rather daunting - and I felt self conscious. I tried to find a 'private' spot to workout. One of the PT's in the gym who did my Gym Intro session spotted me, and I openly said I was doing the workout, mentioned burpees, and that I felt self conscious.  He mentioned I could use the class studio space during quieter times, and also showed me the free basketball court downstairs - so I did my workout there.....and it was much more comfortable for me.

I then took myself back upstairs to stretch out and warm down.  I used the firm foam rollers that Alex recommended against my quads and oooowww!! that hurt....!

With regards to the diet, generally going really well. eating lots of fish and greens...though I confess I had a cake recently - birthdays, and mine is this Wednesday!

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