Sunday 17 June 2012

Week 2

So here is a round up of my week 2! I have been super busy and not been home in the evenings for 9 days so feeling pretty tired.

I met with Paul on Tuesday and we set goals! It was really interesting to go back to my early days and talk about why I may have a negative attitude towards exercise. I look forward to finishing our session and changing my mindset for the future and not just a short period. It became apparent that I work well to short term goals and put myself under pressure to meet them but what I really need to do is change my attitude so that I maintain the exercise and see it as a lifestyle addition rather than a goal/chore.

Wednesday was an early start with a PT session with Alex and Ally at 8am!! It felt good to do it and also be at work by 9am after a workout. Same time next week apparently! I also met with Pete the physio in the afternoon and the good news is- the bum clenching is working!! My back is less tight as my glutes are engaged  but the downside is my bum is super sore from the muscles being put into action.

Because I have been so busy this week with rehearsals, birthdays and weddings it has been hard to find time to exercise. It is the one aspect of this challenge that I am finding 'challenging' because of time and tiredness.  I do however 3 free evenings this week and will exercise lots to make up for this week!

The diet changes are still going well and I can notice a difference in my skin and body from taking things out of the diet and replacing with others.  I will absolutely stick to it and as agreed with Paul- along term goal is to follow the bikini eating plan for 5 days and the 2 other days will be followed by 75%.

Off to bed now, sleep is much needed- ready for another week!



  1. Sam, great blog...and very honest! I understand entirely about the challenges of time and effort, due to tiredness.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this week works out for you! keep it up!xx

  2. Woop, well done Sam!! Apparently there's a video of us working-out floating around on the web somewhere, eek! Hope all goes well with rehearsals this weekend xx


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