Friday 15 June 2012

Amy - Week 2

As the winner of the Beach Body round at Miss England my prize was a week long trip to Thailand to shoot with top celebrity photographer Alan Strutt. So lots of pressure for a top bod! 

Luckily because I had been doing the bikini programme for a week it meant I was already starting to feel much better about my figure (the key for me is to feel good about your body, when I feel that, I'm at the right weight). 

However of course the trip meant I would be breaking up my routine and have to go a week without the super muesli! I've never been a breakfast person but getting into the habit of it has made me love it.... So day one was airplane food, which of course I don't have a lot of control over, so just avoided the bread! 

Day 2 I arrived in Bangkok and then flew onto Phuket where we took a speedboat to Yao Noi, I was very lucky as the Six Senses resort we stayed in only served fresh and healthy foods which made it very easy for me to continue good eating habits! 

Because of our shooting schedule starting at 6am till 11am and then 12pm till 4pm  we only had time to eat twice a day - so a big brunch and dinner!

I found myself even after just one week  really craving my traditional "Fiseli" with fresh fruit - so I did my best with making an alternative to Fionas Secret and had a high fibre muesli (not wheat free!), with grapes, pineapple, and watermelon on top and a splash of black sesame milk (which is gorgeous!) 

I would be very hungry by 11am so I was also having an omelette with onions, peppers and tomatoes after my muesli ( making the most of having someone to cook it for me!)  And finally a nice cup of mixed fruit juice (orange, pineapple and watermelon)  I would be really full after this! But it kept me going till late in the evening so was probably worth the slight bloating! 

It was my first time to Thailand so I was determined to try all the local dishes at dinner - luckily their cuisine is really good for you so it didn't mess me up too much! (the 24 hour ice cream bar might have though!!) 

The Thai food I found so delicious and fresh that I bought a Thai cooking book to use for next weeks dishes. 
Exercise wise I wasn't very good this week due to early starts and major jetlag! But I found I was running around so much that by the end of week I definitely felt slimmer. 

Something worked for sure as on the day I left I was featured on Sports Illustrated's site as Lady of the Day! 

My Goals ( as agreed with Paul the Performance Coach) 
- down to 9st by the 12th June 
- make a habit of good posture 
- tone, slim and feel more confident about my legs
- cellulite free
- do some physical activity everyday 


  1. Amy, good to see your blog! Congrats on winning the trip and work in Thailand! I love Thai food, and you're right it's so healthy!

    Keep positive and focused - and your goals will easily fall into place!

    see you soon, love Helen x

  2. Congratulations Amy!! Hope you had an amazing time in Thailand, it's my favourite place on the planet!! Good luck for Miss England x


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