Wednesday 13 June 2012

Butt, Brownies and Busy!

That pretty much sums up my week since my last blog!

The weekend following my PT session with Alex - I was away, and a late night return left me needing lots of R&R for the next two days.  My meals have been good and nutritious - lots of greens, avocados, nuts, with porridge and berries for breakfast.  I've consciously been squeezing my butt whilst walking, sat on a train, and the hope of waking it up and of course supporting me whilst standing.  I think my butt and I are gonna get along just fine. :-)

Last night, a customer event meant I had no time to squeeze in the bikini workout before heading out. An indulgent evening of a champagne cocktail, king prawns with veg and roast potatoes, and wheat free strawberry cheesecake!  A late night...I couldn't get off to sleep as my body was busy digesting all the unusual food it was gone midnight before I slept. Then, I work early - eek!  A tired Helen meant lots of stimulants to get me through THIS day - coffee.....and then a gluten free chocolate brownie. And y'know...I....enjoyed......every......bite. ;-))

Today's busy and demanding day at the office left me so tired, I went straight to bed after work to sleep - then got up and headed out for my deep tissue massage with Kate James, who's also based at the Berkley Centre for Health.  I explained to Kate the pain I had inside right leg and the adjustments Alex made to my squatsroutine last Friday .   During the massage - Kate ironed up some painful knots in my left shoulder (my office telephone is on my left side) - ouch!! I've decided to invest in a headset to make my massage sessions less painful.

Some encouraging news in that Kate noticed I had toned up since we last met!! :-) It doesn't take much for the body to start shifting fat once we get into the workout! I was motivated by that comment!

Kate also observed my glutes were less tight - so Pete's hardcore physio has been working a treat!

Meanwhile,  my hamstrings, quads, adductors are SO TIGHT!! MEGA OUCH!  The Hamstrings - probably cos of all the sitting at the desk I do during the day, the quads - the workout?  plus I've been teaching a few more Yoga classes than usual over the past two weeks - so lots of warrior poses may have tightened the inside leg.   I had to breathe deeply as Kate massaged into the did eventually ease, but maan it hurt.:-$

So, plan tomorrow is to get back into the bikini workout routine.....AND trigger (happy face ball) massage my left shoulder, glutes...and foam roll the inside leg, quads - and hammies. ESPECIALLY before I next see Pete for physio - my body will be screaming out for mercy!  Now that's an incentive in itself!

Watch this space!

Helen x

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  1. Brilliant work Helen! Treats are an important part of the balance. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your bikini workout! x


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