Sunday 3 June 2012

Sam - Day 2 ... and so it begins

Day 2 of the challenge.......

I started day 1 with my yummy cereal and as I was in a rush I packed it into a tub and took it to the hair salon! Topped with berries and a little apple juice- I'm buying almond milk tomorrow!

This weekend I have stayed at a friends house in the country-with a chef! So, meals have been a focus of the weekend but luckily it was all relatively healthy with lots of yummy chicken, crab and avocado salad, lamb and maybe a naughty desert. ;-)

Tonight I had some of the special muesli with berries and a herbal tea so I'm back on track. Tomorrow I have another physio sessions to get my body ready for some intense exercise and so it begins....... Oh, I've just taken my before pictures and seeing them have made me even more determined to do this- I was horrified! SAM X

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