Monday 4 June 2012

Helen - Day 1

Hi everyone!  I thought to share my experience and thoughts on Our first day of the programme. I started the day with Fi's muesli - a delicious bowl of seeds, nuts, fine coconut and other superfoods. Yum. It also took me ages to eat! But I loved it all the same :-)

I'm currently staying with my bro and nephews in Yorkshire, so the first part of the day was play time with the boys: swimming, lunch, drawing and watching an animated movie.  I then started the exercises at first myself, but was distracted by my oldest Luca crying as he banged his head. Once he was soothed, it was time for dinner, over which, my sister in law, Nina, who is a former Aerobics instructor, offered to do the exercises with me later. Cool. :-)

So, once the boys were settled in bed, we got our kit on and mats out. Must say it really helped having someone else support me, particularly if they are fit and know what they are doing cos (a) she clarified the exercises (b) she counted into and throughout the rounds and (c) she kept me going when I'd sooner given up!

How did I feel throughout the exercise? Fat, heavy and unfit! It also reminded me how much I hate circuit training - which is exactly what this is. I've got some mind work to do ! Paul! Paul?! Help! Ps...I also discovered two juicy bruises on my bottom from Pete's Physio! Good stuff. ;-)

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