Sunday 24 June 2012

Fat Burning Chick!

Hi! I've had the best news today - losing almost 6lbs of fat from my body....that's alot of these butter babies..see below!
I am feeling more toned...though for me..there's plenty more to shift ...especially around the tummy, thighs and bottom.  I like the short burst of intense training, to build a sweat, and then stretch out the muscles.

As recommended by Fiona and as per my body comp results, I will be investing in some high strength fish oils to improve the health of my cells, boost my metabolism and help me shift excess fluid.  Be interesting to see how that looks at the end of the programme.

Tonight's dinner..inspired by my body's need for (more) fish oil - I cooked myself some mackerel, with pink peppercorns, houmous, and purple sprouted broccoli - yum-my.

Less good news :-( particularly after the boost earlier in the day.....this afternoon's workout - I managed to pull a tummy muscle...ouch!  I massaged and stretched it out during the rest periods, did ease towards the end of the workout....but it was still pretty sore during the Yoga class I participated in afterwards.  I texted Alex who suggested massage, and some Arnica 1m - a homeopathic remedy ideal for muscle, tissue strain/damage.   I will be taking Arnica, and massaging for the next day or so.......

Wish me luck and sending some healing my way....I'm getting into my workout this pulled muscle is the last thing I need!

until next time!

Helen x

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