Tuesday 26 June 2012

Feeling good......

Hi everyone! 

Since my last blog, and my sore tummy muscle, I took the opportunity to heal it yesterday, by resting, and taking Arnica (homeopathic remedy), and regular massage with Green Lipped Mussel Cream - it's warming, and effective! I woke up and could still feel the pulled muscle, but it had improved...so I packed my gym kit!

I went home from work for lunch  - taking care of my mum's cat whilst she is out for the day.  this is lunch: yummy salmon fillet, spinach and chickpeas (remember I really love them!;-)),steamed broccoli and a dollop of humous - yummy. see fabulous pic taken by moi below! lol!

Today's workout was good.  I did the burpees, and whilst I felt the pulled muscle, it wasn't too sore to complete the workout :-)  I'm also incorporating Pete's shoulder openers during my stretch/warm down.  So, I sit in a cross legged/hip opener position - for those Yogis reading, it's Cow Face pose, but working with the specific shoulder openers.

I came home hungry and looking forward to dinner, which was fairly light - a small bowl of Chick Pea Dhal - (I fancied something spicy), and then a soya fruit 'n creamy yoghurt - yum.

Now, onto the juicy gossip - my date!  ;-)  I had a good time....we chatted, laughed....my gut feeling is I am building a friendship...less sure it's a long term thing - but for me right now, my focus is on FEELING GOOD about myself, having fun (including during gym workouts), and enjoying life altogether!  So, if that includes hanging out with different people - then so be it!

Tomorrow evening, i am seeing the wonderful Alex Poole PT expert to refine my technique, review the exercises and also for my workout session! yaay!

A bientot mes amies!
Helen xx

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