Thursday 28 June 2012

Bikini Dream Team Movie Trailer!

The Bikini Dream Team Challenge is now in full flow and a lot of people have wanted to know what the workouts look like.  Check out Sam and Ali completing the phase I part of the process.

You might notice that they are doing slightly different exercises sometimes, that is because after meeting and assessing them I decided to make some of the exercises more personal and specific to their needs.

The Bikini Dream Team Challenge Begins...

In phase II of the programming I have made some additional changes to the programme (making it harder and more demanding) and like phase I have made it more specific after getting feedback on the first phase.

More on phase II next time.....

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  1. love the video! thanks Alex!

    Can we have some of the exercises on there? Just 10 secs of each...!

    pretty please....with choccie drops :-))


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