Sunday 1 July 2012

Falling behind

Right then..... Where to begin! I am now in the middle of show time and barely have time to breath at the moment. Everything is pretty much on course except my exercise regime :-( That said, with my diet changes I am looking better and where possible I exercise on the go. For example- squatting whilst doing my make up, a few sets of lunches whilst getting ready! 

I am also very active with rehearsals so keeping my body active. I have also been to holland and Barrett and stocked up on lots of healthy nibbles eg, nuts, dried fruits etc and I now carry a tub of them everyday to stop those sweet cravings. The good news is, I am now fully stocked with Fiona's Breakfast Mix - something I adore and have become a little addicted too! I am feeling anxious that we have the finale in just 2 weeks and that I am now behind the others because of my lack of time. My second show in Bath starts Next weekend for a week which will mean finishing work at 5pm and heading straight to the theatre and not getting home until 11.30pm. Any suggestions greatly received on how I can fit in some exercise! As soon as I finish writing this I shall do the bikini workout , maybe twice! I saw Helen Watson on Thursday and she is looking fabulous! Well done lovely lady :-) Be back soon, Sam X

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  1. Oh, thanks Sam for your kind words! I've not worn that pink dress for a year, so to get into it for Thursday night was a great feeling!!

    My suggestion for fitting in some exercise, would be lunchtime, at work: eat a small snack an hour before your lunchbreak, find a space to work out - even if it's 20 minutes! I remember Alex saying we only need to do 20-30 minutes each day (if we can each day!).

    You too are looking fabulous and I love the video blog that Alex included!

    Wishing you a successful Show!
    Helen x


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