Sunday 1 July 2012

A Love Story

Now I know what you might be thinking...."ohh, things have developed between Helen and the gym PT" - wrong!!

The only thing that's developing right now is my body tone - day by day I'm feeling a difference, but more so....a connection - with my glutes....yes, my BUTT.  We are engaged!  Both cheeks!  My butt and I haven't really gotten to know each other that well...and I've neglected it for some time.   It's just been there....hanging around, standard part of my body.... not doing the rest of my body has had to compensate, and tightened as a consequence ie my upper back, my adductors and hammies.  Now I can give these muscles a 'rest' and start working my butt that little bit more.  I've not really LOVED or even LIKED my butt...the only time it pleased me was post-intense Yoga training - and I lost so much weight, my boyfriend at the time commented how toned and small (yes small!!) my butt was.  :-) Me - a small butt!!

Nice, since then, I've not done much with it - and the working life means I'm sat on my butt most of the day.  Time for change!! Yes, LOVING MY BUTT is part of the new me.....appreciating it's strength, tone and support for the whole of my body.   This is one key thing I've learnt on the programme -how important it is to strengthen the glutes to support the core.

I saw Alex last week for a mid-prog review.  He's brilliant and so thorough. He assessed my body and got me to do some exercises to test the strength of the muscles - and my glutes especially. Basically, my left side is less strong than my right.  So my programme has been changed to strengthen the left side of my body, the glutes and still include burpees, combined with T Press Ups which are challenging to say the least! There are lots of lunges, with leg lifts and I finish the workout using a kettlebell.  Needless to say my glutes have been screaming to me - I know they are there, which is good....and I'm glad. :-) Thank you Alex!

Long may our relationship last!

Bye for now
Helen xx and her butt x


  1. What a lovely post! I have to say this is my biggest lesson also, the bum and glutes have been a forgotten part of me and I'm starting to see the benefits of using them.

    My bum is Perkier and the back is feeling less sore hurrrrrah!

    I have a holiday coming up end of July, need to ramp it up a notch :-)
    Well done Helen, one motivated lady.


    1. Thanks Sam! In fact, my motivation has taken me by surprise!!

      Yes, ramp up the butt-cercise!



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