Sunday 1 July 2012

Green Goddesses

I found this photo and had to share it!  It reminded me of the all the Greens us Bikini girls are enjoying right now with our meals - but also a way of honouring our Inner Goddess - the divine feminine, beautiful, strong, elegant, intuitive and content.

I must say, seeing Sam and Fiona at last week's OC - they looked amazing.  Sam glows inside and out, and also looks stunning. Fiona is the inspiration - I aspire to be like her in body - strong, toned and fit! And she looked incredible in her Royal Blue gown. Rock on !

Enjoy your Greens ladies!

with love
Helen xx


  1. Love this!!

    I agree fiona looked stunning on Thursday, our role model!


  2. Yes, Fiona is a great role model! Thanks Fiona for your divine inspiration in creating this programme! :-) It's changing my life! xx

  3. What a beautiful photo Helen - did you take it, and can we use it in the book do you think? Love your posts xx


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