Monday 11 June 2012

Physio with Pete.

11 June 2012

Amazing session with Pete today!   A tiny bit painful….. don’t think I’ve yelped that loud before but so worth it!  Pete did some deep tissue massage and really worked on areas such as my back and glutes.  I feel great!  Pete has highlighted areas that need attention.   7 years ago I had my knee reconstructed.  Although it feels good and I have very few problems with the knee itself, over the years my body has compensated in other areas causing tightness.  Pete has shown me these areas I need to work on.  It’s a reminder I must look after my body!   I’m particularly tight in my chest, glutes and hip flexors and has given me some fab stretches to work on.  I really had no idea about how tight I was!  Pete has given me the smiley ball to use and I ready for some stretching along with my trusted stretch band! x

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