Sunday 10 June 2012

The weekend

This weekend, I had my PT session with Alex, but not managed to fit in any other workout. Yesterday I caught an early morning train to London for a Workshop, then met a friend for dinner. (I'll post the dinner pic). I did some knee squeezes whilst sat on the train - that's when you sit upright, shoulders relaxed, tummy in, legs in line with the hips - then squeeze the knees towards each other - you feel your lower glutes tighten. :-) I did 100 of these and sat on a train they are discreetly done. Today, I've not been 100% and spent most of the day in bed. I think a busy week and early starts has left me exhausted. Another good nights rest and I'll be back to my sparkly self ! Tomorrow evening I'll kick start my workout regime again! I want that toned body! Stay posted Love, Helen x

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