Sunday 10 June 2012

Week one complete!

So, week one has come to an end and I feel great. I have lost 5lbs roughly and that's weighing at the end of the day although my weight can go up and down a lot, I haven't been this light for ages yipeeeee! I made a spag Bol on Friday night with wheat free pasta and quorn but didn't realise quorn mince has gluten in :-( As a result I had stabbing pains in my tummy so next time I'll use a turkey mince.

I have been trying to avoid all dairy, wheat and gluten and so far so good except last nights blip! I am feeling less bloated and have less discomfort after eating so clearly they do not agree with me. Yesterday I went to calcot manor spa with my bf for a relaxation day but he still made me go to the gym! I did lots of stretching and floor exercises as well as free weights- I forgot my trainers so no machine work. After that we did some swimming and spent nearly an hour in the outdoor hot tub before enjoying a much needed deep tissue massage!

Sunday has been busy, rehearsing all day for 2 separate showed so I filled up on muesli and loads of berries plus a soya hot chocolate. There has been a lot of interest from my show friends about this challenge and lots are keen to try it out. I let a couple of the girls try my muesli and they LOVED it...asking when is on sale!

Tonight I am making roast chicken with loads of vege and sweet potato as a treat. Yummy :-))) No exercise today except the dancing in rehearsals but tomorrow it's back to the bikini workout. Sam, X

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  1. Sam, it's great that you're really aware of how your body is responding to gluten and other foods. When we change our diets, reducing 'bad' foods it's only then we fine tune our body and energy ! :-))

    Good luck with the rehearsals x


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