Sunday 10 June 2012

Week 1 Bikini Dream Team Workout Update

I had the pleasure of putting most of the Bikini Dream Team 'victims' through their paces this week and showed them what was expected of each workout if they wanted to get buns and abs to die for.

Every single one of them hit the session like it was going to be the last they ever did and I have to say that I was so pleased and proud of all their efforts.

I know they worked hard not just because they looked like they were but because I got text messages like this the next day:

"I feel like I've been beaten up today!!!!!"

"I have officially lost the the ability to run! My butt and thighs felt like lead weights for the whole 3 miles....I blame you Mr Poole!"

"Back of my legs are killing today!"

All of which make me smile.....yes yes I'm one of those sick individuals who enjoy it when I get messages like that.

You see these lovely ladies have only 5 weeks to get their bodies in amazing bikini shape, which means they're going to have to work extremely hard for that time and put there bodies through some hard work.

The results will be amazing though and the hard work and pain will pay off. Its no secret that using high intensity interval training is a definitely smart way to get fast and meaningful results and the programme I put together for the Bikini Dream Team followed these type of high intensity protocols.

After meeting with each of them I also started to make some individual adjustments and give them some extra homework!

For instance Amy and Ally are concentrating on some more upper back work to strengthen and change the tone of the muscles that hold the shoulders back, giving that sexy confident upper body pose.

Ally and Helen also needed some changes to their squat patterns so I changed them into a PliƩ squat to help with range of motion and to preferentially load the abductors in a stretched position. Added to this some of the ladies will spend more time trying to stretch and lengthen their hip flexors and quads.

This will hopefully enable them to get greater Glute firing which means that there bums will look peachy and more toned!

I look forward to seeing Sam and Ali again next week and pushing them even harder!

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  1. My thighs are better - but still hurt !

    Thanks for your inspirational coaching! :-) I shall keep you informed!


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