Thursday 7 June 2012

Preparation is Key.....

Hi everyone! An update from me......!

Yesterday morning (Day 5), I noticed a slight nerve pain shooting up the inside of my right thigh.  It was particularly noticeable when going up the stairs.  Later that day, I texted Fiona to share this info, as I felt it was important, given I'd already started the exercise programme.  Fiona recommended I let Pete the Physio know.  Pete immediately called me to discuss further, and suggested I see him for another Physio session - which took place this afternoon (Day 6). 

I explained to Pete, that during my exercises last night, the pain was more noticeable when doing the lunges, so I stopped those particular exercises.  Pete reinforced how important it was for me to build my core muscles, strengthen them - until the body is stable enough to do lunges safely and effectively.  Preparation is key so my body can build its core strength and tone.  Right now, my adductors (inside leg muscles) are having to over compensate - hence the strain and soreness the next day.   I left the session feeling lighter in the body, reassured, and also with a few more Glute strengthening exercises. Pete assures me "your butt will burn" - good. :-)  My butt and I are going to become best friends over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, onto food - generally I'm enjoying all aspects of the healthy diet - as I'm used to a no wheat, and no dairy diet anyhow.  Today, however, I was ravenous, for some reason. I started the day with porridge and vanilla rice milk (sugar free), with grated apple and chopped hazlenuts.  I then ate my lunch (salad and chick peas) at 11.40 and later munched on an Apple, oat cakes, and corn thins! I sense my body required more protein but didn't have any snacks in my office drawer.  I've stocked up on protein snacks (cashew nuts), and lots of green veg in my food shop this evening.  I intend to cook up a large Thai Fish curry with plenty of veg and freeze them in small portions.   I have a busy work period ahead, and so want to plan and prepare for those days when I'm short of time!

Looking ahead to tomorrow : I have my PT session with Alex.  Can't wait to see what programme he has in mind for me!  Only then, will I venture to the gym - knowing exactly what I'm doing safely and effectively for the coming weeks.

Wish me luck !


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  1. Woop!! Go Helen, perky bums are just around the corner!! Good luck tonight xx


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