Thursday 7 June 2012

Ally - Physio Pete!!

On Wednesday I had my second Physio session with Pete and it was AMAZING!! I went in with super achy, tight muscles and 30 minutes later left feeling like I had a completely different body!

I've never had Physiotherapy before so don't have anything I can compare this experience to but I will try and describe my time with Pete the best I can and you guys can draw your own conclusions!

The first session I had, Pete took the time to listen to what I wanted to achieve with my body and then assess where I was (on the Ally page). I love the fact that he treats every body he sees as completely unique and gets totally tuned in to what your muscles are currently doing and what they need to be doing. Thorough is pretty much an understatement!

Yesterday, Pete did a lot of deep-tissue massage and loosened off my muscles that have been over-compensating for a lack of developed core strength and under-used glutes. And I had a total "Aha!" moment as well. I've always wondered why no matter what I do in terms of exercise I haven't managed to achieve lean and toned thighs. My thighs are muscly and not exactly flabby, but lean? No. And here's the explanation. When your core isn't doing what it needs to, the large muscles in the rest of your body "switch-on" and over-compensate to keep you stable. So every time I run or workout, it's over-training my legs and other muscles because my core (girdle) and glutes aren't playing their part effectively. This is what I need to work on with Alex the Trainer on Friday. High stability and low intensity to begin with is the name of the game for me.

This week I have some homework for Pete, as well as me and Ernie (my Physio-ball) continuing our blossoming friendship I need to Stretch!! Here is what I'll be doing, demonstrated by the lovely Fiona.

Above I do mention the word "massage", which to most people out there (myself included) sounds pretty relaxing, right? Erm, nooo. At the moment Physio for me is actually pretty painful!! My muscles are so tight and wanting to resist being loosened off, but the amazing thing is that afterwards they feel great and the short-term pain is totally worth the long-term gain. The sessions with Pete are a total highlight in this challenge, I love getting to know why my body is the way it is and his enthusiasm and belief that I can change things are so motivational. Yay! Thanks Pete.



  1. Ally, I love your blogs! So detailed and fun to read.

    I agree that Pete is incredible and I would love to have him on standby for when I have knots and muscle pain!

    I have my session with Alex tonight and still aching from my fat burning burpees last night, wish me luck!

  2. Ally, great blog! and i agree Pete's physio sessions are such a boost to this whole programme. I'm so grateful for his input and support at this early stage.

    Sam - good luck with your Alex PT sessin this eve!



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