Tuesday 10 July 2012

Goals, No Bull & The Finale

So we're nearly there - less than a week to the finale! 
How are all our ladies doing against their goals?

As our ladies are discovering there's a HUGE difference in the way we are setting goals. For some goal setting has been a blow away experience - a profound realisation of the difference between unconsciously selling yourself short and going for what you really truly want and can have.

Coaching to give a true appreciation of the deeper meaning of 'realistic' & 'achievable' brings a perspective grounded in the reality of implications, actions and other things. This is where most people begin to discover their self-imposed unconscious limitations, which have been sabotaging them and preventing them getting what they really want.

These limitations are the underlying ideas or rules outside of conscious awareness that hold us back and weaken our resolve, obscuring our talents and possibilities. Examples might be: I'll never be slim, I'm not good enough, I'm not sporty, etc. The technical term for this is 'our own personal bullshit', the reasons and excuses we give ourselves for not doing what we could and have it the way we really want it... If you're not getting the results or experience you want, it's always good to have some help to sniff out self-imposed limitations. What are yours?

These limitations are neither true or false. They're just what we make them based on our experiences in life so far - and consequently they can be changed. It's surprising how quickly and easily that can happen and then the goal becomes almost a forgone conclusion. Motivation (and not the redbull kind) is effortless. Exercise becomes a pleasure, healthy eating a joy, weight loss fast and easy. It's like the goal cannot not happen - it has to be!

So now you know... That's why some people find certain things impossible, whilst for others "it's just the way I am". Of course different people's wants and needs are different. Roll on the weekend and let's see how our ladies have progressed!

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