Saturday 14 July 2012

Ally and the Size 8 Skirt

So, here's the story people - I wanted a new black pencil skirt for work and saw one I liked, the only problem was the shop only had a size 8 left. The skirt and I were there, y'know eyeing each other up and I thought, I wonder..... Off we went to the changing room and IT FIT! Not just in a "ok, it's on, now don't breath, talk, walk, sit" but it really fit!! I haven't worn a size 8 for a good 5 years, hurrah!!

P.S. Please excuse my messy bedroom, this pic was taken in a Pre-work rush!

Love Ally x

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  1. Ally, congratulations! i can see from the photo how much you've look tiny!!!

    well done gal!

    see you soon for the grand finale! :-)) xx


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