Wednesday 18 July 2012

My results.....

So! I have been quiet for a couple of weeks as I have just completed 3 of the busiest weeks of my life!

Full time job, 2 musicals and the bikini challenge! A tough challenge indeed but I am pleased to say I managed all 4 and have results to show!

I met with Fiona on Monday for a weigh in and to take my body composition.... I don't know all the final numbers but I do know that I have lost 2% body fat and 7lbs!!! I have been stuck at 8.10/11st for sooooo long and now I am happy to announce that I am 8.4st!! I am SO happy.

I still have a long way to go and I haven't done as much exercise as Id have liked by my body is slimmer and bum much perter (boyfriend approval).

I will 100% be sticking to what I've been doing as I feel much better and when I did have a little slip up on dairy, the tummy pains confirmed my thoughts- we do not get on!

I am looking in to continuing sessions with Pete the physio, booking in with Alex the PT fortnightly and I shall munch on Fiona's Breakfast Mix until the day I die!

My fiancée has also been on the bikini diet (well speedo diet) and he has lost over a stone!! He hasn't had bread, potatoes, rice or anything 'bad' , except chocolate and has results to show. He previously spent many months in the gym trying to achieve the body he now has and it was all down to diet!

I am off on holiday on Friday so I shall post some bikini shots when I return.....

Thank you to the Bikini dream challenge team,  you have inspired me to get back on track!


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  1. Sam, that's super fantastic! well done!!! 7lbs is amazing! and with your busy lifestyle, that is some achievement! Just goes to show the impact diet has on our bodies..shape and weight!



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