Thursday 16 August 2012

Goals achieved!

Hi everyone!

I hope you've seen Fi's earlier post on my results!  I thought to share with you my goals, and the outcome......and let's remind ourselves....I started the programme with a determined, focused 3 weeks - only to be interrupted by work!!  Two back to back events over 2 weeks, followed by a much needed holiday (which was also interrupted by a cold).

So, with that in mind.....I'm very proud to share my goals and how I did !


1.  To find the motivation and confidence to get the gym - surprisingly this came easy to me, especially as I had a routine and the Tobata Pro App recommended by Alex (Training) to help my workout.  I had a purpose and support at the gym - albeit from a fabulous App.  I also had the private space of a badminton court at the gym...I was less comfortable jumping about and working out with, what appeared to be, an audience in the main gym!

2.  Lose 6 cms from my bottom - I lost 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) need I say anymore.  My butt has taken a gentle beating...and my jeans are looser, my dresses fit......NO SPANKS REQUIRED!!! Result.

3.  Lose 3 cms from my thighs - I lost 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)) big smiley face here!

4.  Tone and create more shape in my thighs - done!  Pete (Physio) noticed my body shape change within 2 weeks.  I too have noticed them getting more shapely and stronger.   feeling good folks!

5.  Tone tummy and lose fat there - I lost 5 cms around my tummy!!!! happy!  I still have some toning to do...and I think that will come as I continue the programme and workouts.

6.  with the above, feel more confident in a bikini! and have more energy!  I certainly feel a buzz post- workout which is lovely....and for me...whilst I don't quite feel entirely confident strutting around in a bikini, I am getting there! 

This time next year - who knows!! 

I look forward to continuing with my reshaping, strengthening and energising workout!

Happy Helen xx

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