Thursday 16 August 2012

Go Deep to Get the Outcome you want!

I thought to briefly share with you the coaching session I had with Paul....because it is quite significant in the overall, long term picture, and it may resonate with a few readers.

Towards the end of the very first session, after we shared my goals and discussed them further, Paul asked me a question along the lines of - "Do you think you deserve this?"  Well, of course I do!! Knowing that Paul is a Master NLP Practitioner and reads body language very well, he observed how my conscious mind said "yes" ...however, my unconscious mind said "no".  He shared with me the fact, that whilst I said "yes" head was moving left to right to say "no" - A SLIGHT CONFLICT THERE!

Imagine, being wired up for not feeling 'worthy' of my goals.......and the potential implications this has on other aspects of my life!!! 

We had some work to do! So, we set up another session.....................

Right now, I can't recall every detail of the session and the specific questions asked, but I remember Paul guiding me throughout the session to tap into positive associations around worth and feeling good! To heal an issue and let it go....there is usually some pain associated with it. At one point, I remember feeling sad and tearful, but not what it was specifically related to (that didn't matter). I trust Paul and felt safe with him, and was therefore comfortable enough to just feel the sadness, knowing it would pass. And it did.

By the time I left the session, with Paul's expertise and guidance I was feeling positively happy and upbeat!!

I love my unconscious mind and the opportunity it gave me to heal 'another layer of the onion'.

I also am grateful to Paul for giving me the opportunity to remind myself how worthy and magnificent I really am! Thank you!

So folks, overall message is to have the courage to go deep and explore...because you never know where it will take you!

With love,
Helen xx

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  1. Hey Helen, well done for achieving everything you have!

    Getting to know your own unconscious rules about who you are and how you are enables you to see why you get the results you do. More than that it means you can change these rules so that you can achieve the figure you really want.

    The only benefit of staying blind to your unconscious rules is you get to keep the same clothes. Whereas resolving any blocks and creating useful rules means you get to have what you want and feel good about it - well done you!

    Paul the Performance Coach


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