Saturday 18 August 2012

Helen - summing up!

Hi everyone,

Just to share my final thoughts on my experience with the Bikini Dream Team challenge. In a nutshell -  It's been great! :-)

Before you commit to a programme like this, you have to consider the time and focus it takes to get through it: Regular visits to the centre for treatments, plus the commitment to change your diet and take the time to create delicious, healthy meals.  If you asked me is it worth it - yes!! very much!  Whilst initially I found it quite demanding in time and energy to travel to the centre for frequent visits, once I found my stride...I was away.  Regular gym visits and the coaches being on the other end of a text, or a call was reassuring enough for me to pursue my goals!

I could not have got through this challenge without the support of  the following people:

Alex (training) for creating an individual training programme designed to suit my body. Plus, I had a slight injury (pulled a stomach muscle during burpees) and very sore adductors (inside leg muscles) following lots of squats/lunges.  Alex was able to adjust the programme so I could continue safely and well.  Alex also assessed my body mid way through the programme, and again revised it, which kept it interesting and varied for me.  I now work with the Tobata Pro App, mixing up the programme a little to keep me interested too! Thank you Alex, you are a star!

Pete (physio) - his expertise and physio eye meant he knew what my body needed to open, become more flexible and stronger. Pete's assessment was in the input Alex required to set up each individual's workout programme. His sessions were though at times painful (my body was initially very tight), I always left feeling more uplifted,lighter in the body and motivated.  Pete fed back to me on my progress as he could see my body shape change - which for me is a green light to keep going! Thank you Pete! Feeling much appreciation for your generosity and spirit!

Fiona (nutrition) - thank you for choosing me to be part of the programme and for your nutrition advice (remember the Omega 3 boost I needed mid-way), plus your recipes. Thankfully most of my diet incorporates your food choices, so I appreciated the affirmation of that.  Your prompts and support throughout the programme also kept us on track! Thanks for the inspiration!

Paul (coaching) - thanks for your professionalism and generosity.  Who knows how that change work will affect my life from now on! Your support has been tremendous and I owe you a beer! :-)

Finally, a big thank you to my fellow bikini team participants! You're inspiring and amazing! Thanks for your encouragement and support along the way.  :-)

Looking ahead, I intend to continue with my lifestyle change: a member and regular user of a leisure club; the commitment and enthusiasm to continue working out, keeping in shape and happy!  And the self worth knowing I deserve the very best!  ;-)  Things can only get better. woo-hoo!!

With love and appreciation
Helen xxx

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