Sunday 19 August 2012

The final results are in!

The Bikini Dream Team Girls
Special thanks to Sweaty Betty for donating one of their fabulous union jack bikinis - what a great fit!

Finally! The results we've all been waiting for. 5 weeks is all it took to produce a noticeable evolution in physique and wellbeing. The whole group has a sparkle about them and a real determination to maintain their results, which is exactly what we set out to do -- with a combination of expert advice in nutrition, exercise, physiotherapy, coaching, and perfect poise.

On average, our beautiful ladies have managed to lose:
- 2.1kgs or 5 pounds of fat tissue (the visual equivalent of 8 blocks of butter)
- 4.6cms or almost 2 inches from their waists
- 2.4cms or over an inch from each of their thighs

These figures represent at least a dress size, and in some cases, 2 dress sizes.  The results have been even more profound for those individuals who needed to achieve better hormone balance.  When you carry extra fat tissue, especially extra abdominal fat tissue, it can contribute hormones of its own and disrupt the delicate balance of hormones that govern all of our body processes.  Losing this fat tissue can have a significant impact on common problems such as fluid retention, skin problems, PMT and mood swings.

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If you're interested in learning more, read on!

Scales only tell you part of the story – here’s why:

If you were to look at just the scale weight changes, you would see an average weight loss of 4 pounds.  However, all of the women have lost much more than that in fat tissue mass, which weighs less than muscle tissue does.  Fat tissue also occupies more space, which explains why your total weight may not change as significantly as your body measurements will.  

It’s important to remember that scale weight alone is just part of the picture, and relying on it on its own can be misleading ... particularly in the early stages of a shape evolution or weight loss programme when a lot of people lose heart and motivation to continue.  

Got a favourite pair of jeans or dress that you're struggling to get into?  You could be weeks away from a super-sexy new figure!

Helen managed to slip into a lovely satin dress that she couldn’t do up 6 months ago.  Ally, Chrissy and Sam each dropped at least a dress size in their jeans and skirts.  Amy tells us that the education and support we gave her in week 1 helped her win the Miss England Bikini Challenge – she’s under a lot more pressure than the rest of us, as her body is her work, and she’s keen to avoid the unkind eye of the paparazzi cameras.

The Bikini Dream Team Challenge represents a complete approach to achieving the body you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s motivation and confidence, injury, poor nutrition and lifestyle, or just a buddy system you need to get you going, we’ve got it covered! 

Sign up for the full Bikini Dream Team Challenge - for more information (and a limited time early bird offer) please call 0117 370 1177 today!

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